Typography and Unicode – Basic Greek alphabet


The table below lists all 48 (2 × 24 for uppercase and lowercase) or 69 (including variants and accented lettters) basic letters of the Greek alphabet.


Unicode     Transliteration (ISO 843)
Capital letters Small letters English Deutsch Capital letters Small letters
Symbol Code Point Symbol Code Point Name Name Symbol Code Point Symbol Code Point
Α 0391 α 03B1 Alpha Alpha A 0041 a 0061
Ά 0386 ά 03AC Alpha with tonos (acute accent) Alpha mit Tonos (Akutakzent) Á 00C1 á 00E1
Β 0392 β 03B2 Beta Beta V 0056 v 0076
Γ 0393 γ 03B3 Gamma Gamma G 0047 g 0067
Δ 0394 δ 03B4 Delta Delta D 0044 d 0064
Ε 0395 ε 03B5 Epsilon Epsilon E 0045 e 0065
Έ 0388 έ 03AD Epsilon with tonos (acute accent) Epsilon mit Tonos (Akutakzent) É 00C9 é 00E9
Ζ 0396 ζ 03B6 Zeta Zeta Z 005A z 007A
Η 0397 η 03B7 Eta Eta Ī 012A ī 012B
Ή 0389 ή 03AE Eta with tonos (acute accent) Eta mit Tonos (Akutakzent) Ī́ 012A+0301 ī́ 012B+0301
Θ 0398 θ 03B8 Theta Theta TH/Th 0054+0048
th 0074+0068
Ι 0399 ι 03B9 Iota Jota I 0049 i 0069
Ί 038A ί 03AF Iota with tonos (acute accent) Jota mit Tonos (Akutakzent) Í 00CD í 00ED
Ϊ 03AA ϊ 03CA Iota with dialytika (diaeresis) Jota mit Trema Ï 00CF ï 00EF
ΐ 0390 Iota mit tonos (acute accent) and dialytika (diaeresis) Jota mit Tonos (Akutakzent) und Trema    1E2F
Κ 039A κ 03BA Kappa Kappa K 004B k 006B
Λ 039B λ 03BB Lambda Lambda L 004C l 006C
Μ 039C μ 03BC Mu My M 004D m 006D
Ν 039D ν 03BD Nu Ny N 004E n 006E
Ξ 039E ξ 03BE Xi Xi X 0058 x 0078
Ο 039F ο 03BF Omicron Omikron O 004F o 006F
Ό 038C ό 03CC Omicron with tonos (acute accent) Omikron mit Tonos (Akutakzent) Ó 00D3 ó 00F3
Π 03A0 π 03C0 Pi Pi P 0050 p 0070
Ρ 03A1 ρ 03C1 Rho Rho R 0052 r 0072
Σ 03A3 σ 03C3 Sigma Sigma S 0053 s 0073
ς 03C2 Final sigma or stigma Schluss-Sigma s 0073
Τ 03A4 τ 03C4 Tau Tau T 0054 t 0074
Υ 03A5 υ 03C5 Upsilon Ypsilon Y 0059 y 0079
Ύ 038E ύ 03CD Upsilon with tonos (acute accent) Ypsilon mit Tonos (Akutakzent) Ý 00DD ý 00FD
Ϋ 03AB ϋ 03CB Upsilon with dialytika (diaeresis) Ypsilon mit Trema Ÿ 0178 ÿ 00FF
 ΰ  03B0 Upsilon mit tonos (acute accent) and diaeresis Ypsilon mit Tonos (Akutakzent) und Trema ÿ́ 00FF+0301
Φ 03A6 φ 03C6 Phi Phi F 0046 f 0066
Χ 03A7 χ 03C7 Chi Chi CH/Ch 0043+0048
ch 0063+0068
Ψ 03A8 ψ 03C8 Psi Psi PS/Ps 0050+0053
ps 0070+0073
Ω 03A9 ω 03C9 Omega Omega Ō 014C ō 014D
Ώ 038F ώ 03CE Omega with tonos (acute accent) Omega mit Tonos (Akutakzent) 1E52 1E53
Double vowels “αυ” are transliterated as au
Double vowels “ευ” are transliterated as eu
Double vowels “ου” are transliterated as ou


The two diacritical marks modern Greek uses are: the tonos or acute accent ›U+0301 Combining acute accent‹ and the dialytika or diaeresis ›U+0308 Combining diaeresis‹.


Please note that there are no precomposed characters in Unicode for three characters required for Greek transliteration. These characters have to be composed using the respective letter with macron or diaeresis and the combining acute accent:

Ī́ = Latin capital letter I with macron and acute = ›U+012A Latin capital letter I with macron‹ + ›U+0301 Combining acute accent‹
▪ ī́ = Latin small letter i with macron and acute = ›U+012A Latin capital letter I with macron‹ +
›U+0301 Combining acute accent‹
▪ ÿ́ = Latin small letter y with diaeresis and acute = ›
U+00FF latin small y with diaeresis‹ + ›U+0301 Combining acute accent‹



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